5 Tips on How to Use Anal Sex Toys Safely

Good idea! Experience the pleasure that an anal sex toy can bring you. You have a very wide range of sex toys for anal applications. Economically priced and discreet and quickly delivered! But are anal beads safe?

Anal sex is one of the most exciting and enjoyable forms of sex. But if you have never done it before, it can also be frightening to start with. When some people think of anal sex, only one thought occurs to them: pain! But it does not have to be painful at all. Experts tips, a lot of patience, trust and a good amount of lubricant make the first time anal sex an unforgettable beautiful experience.

What are anal toys?

Anal sex is stimulating and penetrating the anus. In the anus are many nerve endings that can provide a strong orgasm with the right stimulation. During anal sex, the anus can also be pampered orally or using specially designed sex toys. To this end, various anal sex toys have been designed. For example, there are different butt plugs, anal necklaces and beads and anal showers to clean your bowels before you play. Most toys that you can use anally, almost all have a narrower top. This allows you to easily insert them. You will also see that there are models that have a ‘stop’ back. This is often one wide and flat back that ensures that your toy does not fall out or shoots inside.

Look at some best anal sex toys this article listed.

Buy Anal Beads

Anal Beads also called anal beads are delicious sex toys for those who are interested in anal sex. Anal Beads consist of a number of beads on a nylon cord. The beads are knotted with spaces between them so that the beads remain separate from each other. At the end of the beaded string, a plastic ring is usually attached to easily pull the anal beads back out of the anus. There are also anal beads that are cast from a piece of vinyl, silicone, rubber or jelly. They have the shape of balls connected by a flexible rod or linked together. These Anal Beads are much easier to clean. The insertion and stretching of these anal balls is often easier. Depending on the firmness and length of the anal balls, you can insert these anal beads much deeper into your anus. There are also anal beads that are equipped with a vibration function that vibrate by means of a battery-driven motor, you can get anal beads at loveplugs.co.

Order Anal Balls

The anal beads are available in different sizes and materials. It is advisable to start with smaller anal beads. Coat your anus and the anal beads with sufficient lubricant. Apply the anal beads. At the moment of climax, slowly pull the anal beads back with the ring. How fast you want to do this, you will find out through experience. Clean the anal beads thoroughly after use with a special toy cleaner. Take a look at our range of Anal Beads. Order your Anal Beads and enjoy a super orgasm by pulling the anal beads back one by one during the climax.

In a distant student history we had already experienced it, such an upper home party. The stories about luminous dildos and anal beads are still doing well at parties. But in the meantime we have all become much older and wiser. So the mail was sent with some trepidation: friends wanted to discover erotic toys together. The reactions were very enthusiastic. And so there are eight women sitting around a coffee table a few weeks later. For the time being, the topic of sex is carefully avoided. Up to the top lady Chantal – with her juicy accent – hands over an order page with all 196 sensuous products that will be presented tonight. Especially Rolf, the black sheep speaks to everyone’s imagination. But for that we have to be patient, because Rolf is only at number 66.

Pipe pot

The ‘sensual tour’ starts pretty well, at the foreplay. First, a jar of blue bath salt is passed on and then lick able massage oil passes. Women who are watching their line do not have to worry, by the way, Chantal assures us. ‘There are few to no calories in that oil, so you do not have to count any dots!’ The ‘magical’ licking talcum powders are also extensively tasted and commented on. Especially the version raspberry kiss is appreciated. But then it’s time for the stimulating products. And for that Chantal has a surprise in store: mint sensual, a cream to rub on the clitoris or the penis, for extra pleasure. ‘We sometimes call that the pipe pot. With this you can still treat your husband quickly on a busy morning. You do not even have to brush your teeth because of the mint flavor! For the curious, Chantal has put such a pot next to the toilet, so that everyone can test it discretely. The reactions afterwards are divided. One finds it ‘not unpleasant’, while the other feels that she ‘smears a tiger balm in a place where it actually does not belong’.

Time for romance with the massage candles, for example. Chantal recommends to light it for half an hour before the action. “Then, get your partner upstairs. He will certainly find it very cute that you have lit a scented candle, so let him be amused for a moment. Then clamp him between your legs and pour the candle over his back. Do not worry, he will not burn! You should definitely not try this with an ordinary candle, because then you have to scratch the wax on his back!

Lost sheep

Meanwhile, a lot has been tasted and licked, so we can blow out with a series of sexy gadgets. There are playing cards with kama sutra images, dice ‘that decide what happens in your place’, sexual board games (‘but keep it together, do not call the whole family’), edible bodypaint and lust dust: powders to painting and eating. ‘With that you can give yourself smurfs, for example, because the smurfs are hot nowadays. Or you can turn your husband into an ordinary whore. ” Admittedly, Chantal’s free advice provides extra dimensions for each toy. The bottle opener with sound also stands out: if you uncork a beer with it, you hear a female orgasm. Nice to cheer up a family party.

And then it’s finally time: Rolf the black sheep comes along! This turns out to be a strange mask toy with vibrating legs for external use only. Please do not make a lost sheep out of it! “Just before the break – we are busy for a good hour now – some lingerie is still being picked up. The nipple jewelry is ideal if you have a real finishing at home. You can seduce men who like guns with body jewelry, which you can stick just above the vertical smile. For men who are very wound up, guide recommends the naughty nurse: a sexy nurse’s suit. If they see this, their pain is soon over!