Book Journey

Written by Linda

I have loved books for as long as I can remember. Our mother read us nursery rhymes when we were small, and I honestly believe that helped me to become a better writer! I may have been little, but my ears were picking up on the rhythm and beauty of the words.

A start…​

In grade school, I couldn’t wait to march across the bridge with my class to the library and check out armloads of books! The stories transported me – to desert islands…across prairies by wagon train…even deep beneath the sea!
I wrote my first adventure story in fifth grade. It was called A BOAT FOR DOCK and featured a boy whose faithful dog saves the family cat after it falls overboard and is almost eaten by a giant fish! (Did you follow all that?)

As an adult…

I enrolled in a writing class at our local university. I loved researching and writing essays. For a long time, though, I stopped writing and settled in to raise our family and run a business.

Before long, our nest was empty! And I had a strong desire to write again. This time, I wanted to write for kids! So I wrote a story about a crabby cat – a LONG story. Next, I made a list of publishers who might like stories about crabby cats and mailed them my story.


I waited and waited… and waited. At last, a letter arrived! From a publisher! What? They didn’t want my story? Hmmm… Still hopeful, I sent more stories and received more letters… “Dear Author… You again?” (Just kidding, but same results!)


I decided to take a creative writing class. I studied poetry and short stories – and even had some poems published! My daughter, a teacher, offered encouragement and feedback. But she often left me with these words… “Don’t forget about your children’s stories.”

So I wrote more stories for children. And I revised my old stories (again and again). I asked other writers to read them and share ways I could improve my writing. I joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and attended workshops, retreats, and conferences. I read lots and lots of picture books.

Just like learning a sport or playing an instrument, writing takes perseverance and practice! It has been a long road to publication. Along the way, I’ve met many talented and generous people and made wonderful friends. I am grateful for each and every one!