Your Partner’s Role in Effective Butt Plug Use

The external sphincter of the anus is a ring structure consisting of striated muscles surrounding the anal canal. One of the two sphincters of the anus. It is arbitrary, that is, it can be controlled by consciousness. The internal sphincter of the anus, in contrast to the external, consists of smooth muscle tissue and is involuntary. The external sphincter of the anus has a length of 8 to 10 cm, and in its widest part, opposite the anus, is about 2.5 cm thick. The sphincter’s striated muscles are a continuation of the pubis-rectus muscle.

  • The muscular complex of the external sphincter of the anus is divided into three layers: the subcutaneous portion, which is an annular musculature; the surface part, which is an elliptical muscle attached to the tailbone; deep part closely related to pubic rectus muscle.
  • The muscle fibers of the external sphincter of the anus encircle the lower part of the internal sphincter of the anus. Although the sphincters are in contact with each other, there is a clearly defined border between them. You will need to know how to deal with stuck buttplug? What to do??

And actually what are we? The anus is generally one of the brightest and strongest erogenous zones of a woman, and with the right approach, the satisfaction with anal games can be many times higher than even from clitoral stimulation. Men in the same way will receive extraordinary pleasure and health benefits from anal sex. The muscles of the external and internal sphincter are very strong, it functions very simply, the rectal reflex leads to the compression of the muscles of the external sphincter of the anus. To reduce pain or discomfort during anal sex it is necessary:

  • To reduce the conscious compression of muscles so that the consciousness calms down and allows you to open the external sphincter (for calm and pleasant anal sex just do an enema)
  • To relax the rings of the internal sphincter, be sure to use a lubricant with a relaxing effect, which are sold in sex shops, sex shops.

How to do an enema?

You will need only 0.5 liters of warm boiled water. Tip enemas (special kits for intimate hygiene are sold in sex shops and sex shops) lubricate baby cream. Choose the most comfortable posture and slowly insert the tip to eight or ten centimeters. All – now you have no reason to worry that anal sex will be dirty and unpleasant.

Read the article about Enema Administration: Basics.

How to enter a member or toys in the anus?

“It is necessary to choose the correct position in which the penetration is the most painless: for example, it can be a pose on the left side, and the legs are tucked in to the tummy. Breathing also helps relieve soreness – breathe deeply with the tummy. Relaxation of the sphincter: shrunk – unclenched, with a frequency of several seconds. And, of course, more anal lubricant. Here are the basic principles of successful anal sex. “

Recommendations from the life: before you let a member of your partner into yourself, practice the muscles of the anus with anal toys. Let’s discuss the feelings that they will give:

Let’s start with the most common – anal plugs (plugs), there are a great many anal plugs, in a large assortment presented in sex shops and sex shops of Yaroslavl, as a rule, they are all divided into plugs with vibration and without it, with the effect of expansion, plugs come in different diameters and forms made of hypoallergenic materials, safe and even glamorous) Acquire traffic jams only in sex shops and sex shops of Yaroslavl, do not experiment with foreign objects!

  • Butt plug creates a feeling of fullness in the anus and has a certain effect on the sensitive areas, allowing you to achieve a more saturated orgasm. Both women and men can use anal plug.
  • Applying a plug to expand and relax the anus will help solve the problem of comfortable penetration during anal sex. It is also possible to use the anal plug to constrict the vagina, for example, in the case of muscle weakness in women after childbirth. Curved plugs provide high-quality prostate massage.
  • Options for using this sex toy are very diverse. Someone prefers to use the anal plug only during sex, someone walks with her around the house, and someone expands the range of sexual sensations, going out with a plug in the anus on the street.
  • If before this your anus did not have dating with sex toys, then it is better to start with a small traffic jam. For comfortable and painless penetration during the first anal practice, it is better to choose a product made of soft silicone or latex.

Before using the anal plug, you must maximally relax the anus. This can be done by a partner with the help of stroking and caressing the tongue. It is worth remembering about high-quality moisturizing, because the anus does not emit a natural lubricant. Therefore, the cork must be lubricated in sufficient quantities with a water-based lubricant. .

Introducing a cork should be smooth, neat and gradual, controlling sensations. It is necessary to avoid sudden movements and the introduction of the tube at once for the entire length. Butt plugs are not designed to make progressive movements, like a dildo. The toy is recommended to be placed in the anus and enjoy the feeling of completeness. If the butt plug is used to expand the anus before anal sex, then you needs to hold it for a while, get used to the feeling of having an object inside. It is also possible to use the anal plug with vaginal contact. Finding a stopper in the anus while simultaneously inserting the penis into the vagina will enhance sexual sensations.

Another not less popular

Anal balls

The ability to use anal chains and balls was considered one of the most important for priestesses of love in eastern countries. With the help of these amazing intimate toys, they brought their partners to indescribable delights, gave joy and opened new facets of sensuality. At the same time, they also received incredible pleasure from the use of these accessories, which immensely pleased their lovers. Today, every woman who wishes can learn this art.

Anal balls are specially created for very gentle and pleasant caresses of anus. They are first placed inside the body, and then carefully removed outside. The process does not require haste, very sensual and very exciting. Such affection is difficult to compare with the vaginal and the feeling they often surpass them.

Anal balls?

In part, this may seem crazy, but these special balls are designed just to feel the pleasant sensations that appear when your muscles shrink around a number of small round beads. This is especially nice during orgasm. If you have not tried this sex toy, do not waste time – you should definitely get to know the joys of anal games and diversify your sex life.

Picture Anal balls (chain) –A series of small round beads, which are evenly spaced along the cord. Some beads are the same in size, while others gradually increase in diameter. They can be of all colors and sizes, on a rigid or flexible coupling, so that everyone can choose a toy to their liking, in our sex shop. There are even anal balls with a built-in vibrator, which will further excite you from the inside.

Exploring BDSM Positions with Sex Toys

You are fascinated by the BDSM practices of the hard sex of domination and obedience, but do not know how to start? First of all, you have to admit yourself that it incites the thought of this type of sex and then confess to your partner your hidden sexual desires. But, to put them into practice, you have to make sure that everything happens in complete safety. Here’s how a beginner can do in the hard sex secrets with different types of anal toys!

Search the BDSM domain

An essential first step in initiating the BDSM is prior information. Do not get yourself into a job you know nothing about. Scout! Read about the rough sex practices, the methods used, the “utensils” used, the benefits, the dangers, and the testimonials of those who practice it. Before you get along the way of hard sex, it’s good to know what you’re doing.

It also takes into account that there are two sides of the BDSM. The partners are either the ones who dominate the sex game, or those who are left behind. Sometimes I can do it in turn, depending on sexual preferences. At this point, ask yourself: Am I willing to be tied up with a scarf? Am I willing to be bound to bed? Am I willing to get my boyfriend a neck strap? Do I have enough strength to “whip” my beloved belt while having sex? Only after answering these questions is it advisable to follow the next steps.

If you have seen 50 shades of Grey, that is just a small part of real BDSM. Read this article to know more!

You need a trusted partner

Tough sex does not work with anyone. Man or woman, any man who ventures in this way must have confidence in his or her sexual partner. You cannot squeeze someone with the whip on your back without knowing you will not react negatively.

Moreover, partners need to know the limit of pain, and this is gradually obtained by the actual practice, making small steps from one method to another. Do not tie the strap to a woman’s neck directly without having tried it first with a soft scarf, not a very tight neck! For all this, you need a partner to talk openly about what you want and what to do with you.

Make a list of “yes, no, maybe”

To make sure that you and your partner are on the same wavelength, conceive together a list of what you are willing to do together, what you do not want to try at all with what you want to try, but you are not sure it will hold. It is only when all of them are listed that you begin to know your own limits, but especially the limits of your partner. Together, you do not want to wake up for shouting “Stop!” Fixed in the middle of the game, after your partner tried something that he did not know you did not like.

Once you’ve created the list, start experimenting. Start with the “light”, gradually moving step by step to the “hardcore” ones. In this way, continue to discover and delineate your own borders.

A sex bondage game means as one of the partners is limited movement or visual field. Specifically, the dominated partner is tied, tied or tied to the eye, and then the erogenous or intimate areas are stimulated by any type of sex, masturbation or the use of sex toys.

Satisfaction of the dominant one must be expressed freely, by any kind of sound or attempt to liberate itself, and that excites the dominating one. The exchange of sexual domination and pleasure of pain are those that make bondage “anything else” among sexual practices. If you want to try, you have 5 bondage techniques for a wild sex game:

Strips, scarves

The basic rule in bondage is to have limited movements and to bring pleasure to both you and your partner. For this you can use ropes, string, metal or puff, scarves, ties, textile. In some sex shops you can find Japanese rope – a type of rope special for sex bondage parties. Bind his hands when you sit on top, let yourself be tied in positions with penetration from behind or in the position of the missionary, link to your eyes during prelude or oral sex party.

Sexual roles

Sex roles are primarily a fantasy and a fetish at the same time. They are used very often during sadomasochistic and bondage practices, precisely because by using suits you fit better into a person’s skin and easily adopt different sexual behavior. For a partner, you can choose a doctor suit, a policeman, a commander, a teacher, and for you, a costume for assistance, a schoolgirl, a policeman. Associate the costumes with specific objects or masks and use them to stimulate erogenous zones.

Fringes, leather, silk, velvet

Excitement and sexual pleasure during bondage also come from the fact that you do not know what to do next, that you cannot stop the sensation that provokes you and you do not know what area to be stimulated or with what object. Couples who already have some experience in bondage or sadomasochism (the two practices have a strong connection) use leather objects that have targets, fringes or vibrations, because the sensation of natural skin directly on the skin increases sexual pleasure. Equally exciting can be to stimulate erogenous areas with a velvet, vinyl, latex, silk or silk object.

Sex toys

Here you go free and imaginative but also to any sex shop. There you will find almost everything that goes through your mind for bonding: vibrating, penetrating, penis, vibrating, penis or clitoral pumps, suits, whips, etc.


The engagement also involves a movement that belongs more to sadomasochism – palpation. If you are a beginner, use your palms only for the mowing, pushing or snapping of erogenous areas. If you want to move forward, palm your thighs, buttocks and hips during positions where he penetrates you from the back or stays on top.

This practice does not encourage violence. Everything happens with the measure and this must be established in advance through a discussion between the partners.  Do not forget, bondage techniques must primarily cause pleasure.

Tips on How to Give Your Partner a Prostate Orgasm

No, prostatic orgasm is not a myth! Discover 5 tips to stimulate your partner’s P-point and give him intense pleasure. In men, the point P (for “prostate”) is the equivalent of the G-spot in women. The stimulation of this small hypersensitive erogenous zone provokes an intense pleasure and a different orgasm! Some tips from beginners guide to prostate massage to give a prostatic orgasm to your partner every time or almost.

  1. Be gentle

Delicacy is really “the” golden rule of a successful prostate massage. If you do this with your fingers, remember to cut your nails very short before you start – remove your jewelry too and wash your hands thoroughly. If you use a sex toy instead, do not skimp on the lubricant and take your time.

  1. Stay tuned to your partner

Your partner grimaces with each gesture? He seems tense, uncomfortable? Stop: stop everything, the pleasure is not at the rendezvous. During a prostate massage, do not hesitate to ask your partner if he appreciates your movements and stay tuned for his non-verbal language.

  1. Equip yourself

Some male sex toys are specially designed for anal use: we think in particular plugs and prostate stimulators. These accessories intensify the pleasure and cause prostatic orgasms – almost – every time.

  1. Vary the pleasures

It is well known: the occasional pleasures are the most intense. So book the prostate massage on special occasions and, on a daily basis, cultivate your classics: oral sex, cunnilingus, Kama sutra, erotic games.

  1. Think about comfort

Impossible to know the orgasm when one has aches everywhere. To get the most out of prostate massage, your partner must adopt a con-for-table position. Lying on his back, he can raise his knees on his chest – otherwise he can get on all fours. Also think about the lighting (dimmed, preferably) and the musical atmosphere a sensual playlist is ideal.

More than a zone of pleasure a little mysterious, this point P is a gland the size of a small chestnut or a big hazelnut and that is called: prostate. Its serious and primary function is to secrete a part of the seminal fluid present in the sperm that helps the spermatozoa reach their target, including protecting them from the killer acidity of female intimacy.

Stimulation of the prostate is also the cause of exceptional and unique ecstasies, provided to apply carefully to awaken the pleasures of this small tender and fragile ball as we will see.

There is no point in running; you have to find the point: where is this prostate?

Geographic location

The prostate is located under the bladder and is crossed by the urethra, which extends from the bladder to the end of the penis and serves to evacuate urine and sperm. It is also lined by the rectum, which explains that it is the small wonderful tunnel that leads to this point P.

Anatomical report

In fact, one third of the penis is located inside the body of these gentlemen. But the only way to access this submerged part of sex at the base of which the apotheosis waits is the anal way.

How to find it?

Bridging the distance you cannot go four ways, there is only one? To reach it, you will have to travel the distance of 7 cm through the rectum from the anus and you have for that two options: a finger major or index or a prostatic massager as mentioned below, it is imperative to use a suitable massager with a safety ring. Read this article to know the basics!

A bare hand

If you opt for digital exploration, after your 7 cm walk along the rectum, you should feel, against the upper wall, that is to say turned towards the bladder, a small fluffy bump whose texture is not unlike a foam ball. The mass should be invaded by a pleasant sensation that will put on the track. Moreover, the prostate will tend to swell under your gentle attacks repeated.

With an accessory

If you opt for exploration with accessory, the advantage is that you will not have to search; your masseur will go for you without detour. Forget about any attempt at speleological using various fruits and vegetables. You risk a lot of things, but probably not ecstasy. The steps to follow for gentle stimulation as part of a finger massage

The importance of digital hygiene

The massage partner must have the nails cut: the walls of the rectum are fragile and sensitive!

He must also have his hands perfectly clean. Wash them well before any introduction.

The pee break

The caressing finger rubbing along the bladder, the prostate massage can give the urge to urinate. To counter this eventuality, it is better that your partner does a little pee before enjoying his massage session.

Find the right position

Whether you are on a solo or a couple quest, it is important to be in a comfortable position and easy access to the prostate. Lying on your back, knees slightly bent, is the best position. You can add a pillow placed under your pelvis for even more comfort.

Warm upstream

It is necessary that the person is sexually excited to be perfectly relaxed. Relaxation and trust are the keys to effective stimulation. Start with caresses around the anus and perineum. Stimulation of the prostate can also be accompanied by pleasant care provided to the penis such as masturbation or oral sex, for even more pleasure.

Must it slip?

To ensure a smooth crossing, a little lubricant adapted to the chosen index will facilitate the success of the operation.

Sweetness and patience

The area is sensitive and delicate, even once Mr. warm as embers and ready to fight, it is essential to go very quietly to let it acclimate to this new sensation. Precipitation could lead to stress and stiffness, thus disrupting this ascent that is worthwhile.

The movement of “come here”

After an ascension finesse of these 7 cm, and the discovery of this small bump on the upper wall of the rectum, it remains to gently caress. The technique is then to gently fold and unfold your forefinger, as if you were signaling someone to approach. Depending on the sensitivity of the person at the fingertip, it will gauge intensity: light touch with the caress more supported, but always with a lot of sweetness. The steps to follow for a gentle stimulation as part of a massage with accessory

The hygiene of the accessory

Just like for the finger, your massager must be perfectly clean. Use a non-alcoholic antibacterial cleanser to disinfect it. And even if it knows where to go and its texture is suitable, use water-based lubricant to easily access where it is needed and most importantly, never use a silicone-based lubricant with a silicone accessory! It would become sticky and decrepit.

Finding the G-Spot with Prostate Massage

Come once, come twice, and come three times: this is only for women? No because thanks to prostate massage, men can also have multiple orgasms. With which handles you can milk the prostate of your loved one and thus bring him to the brain.

Multiple orgasms are only for women? Not even close! With a hot prostate massage for beginners, you can catapult your partner into unimagined pleasure heights. Bet that he will be eternally grateful to you?

Orgasm and plastic bottle: This is how you can practice the prostate massage

What does a plastic bottle have to do with the male G-spot? Much more than you might think! For just as far as the notch of the bottle is removed from the opening, so far in men, the prostate is removed from the anus. So if you want to spare your lover the hardships of practicing, then just try a plastic bottle. In this way, the prostate massage is perfect for beginners!

First put your finger in the bottle opening and bend it slightly. Remember that the “real anus” is much narrower and more sensitive than the relatively large inlet of a bottle. Carefully move on and try – without looking. The prostate massage from the outside: completely without fingers in the butt to feel the small groove of the plastic bottle. Massage this spot gently.

Now it’s time to get started!

So, and now put an end to the dry exercises: Before you however hand on your sweetheart, you should first check with him if he is even open for a prostate massage and want to try this technique. In any case, if he is not averse, cut your fingernails short. With this preparation you prevent injuries in the intestine.

Brittle nails? Stop it! So nails get nice again.

Naturally well-kept nails are the most beautiful accessory of winter – no frills. But unfortunately, the cold season is very much our nails. But what can you do if the nails are fragile and splinter? With a prostate massage, you can first gently massage his anus. As a result, your partner gets used to the touch. Then use a lubrication gel to penetrate your lover’s anus more easily.

You should carefully slide your finger into the rectum for five to seven centimeters. Then you go in search of the prostate. This is a walnut-sized gland that is located towards the dam and you as a slight bulge feel. Once you have found them, massage them with light pressure.

How much pressure is too much pressure?

To find out how much pressure is needed, massage the area behind your ear. What pressure do you hardly feel? How much pressure is uncomfortable? As firm as it feels to this region, so firm should be the pressure on a prostate massage for beginners.

What does “milk prostate” mean?

A special form of prostate massage is milking the prostate. Namely, the prostate produces a secretion that is secreted during the ejaculation with the sperm when prostate milking is exactly this secretion massaged out without the sperm. This can occur depending on the duration and intensity of the prostate massage. The secretion then runs out of the penis. Incidentally, prostate milking is a common sex practice in the BDSM scene.

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Every man dreams of these sex practices

However, if you are a beginner and you would like to get started on the prostate massage – in the truest sense of the word – then you should first try it out with an indirect prostate massage and learn about benefits of prostate massage.

You do not have to put your finger in the anus of your partner. Instead, just massage the hairless area between the anus and the testicles. With the other hand, you can simultaneously stimulate the testicles or penis and give your loved one such an incomparable orgasm.

Prostate Massage Instructions: It is a big rumor that only women have a G-spot or can get a full body peak. The male world is also capable of experiencing an “explosion-like” orgasm. How can the stronger sex achieve such an orgasm? – With the so-called prostate massage.

Here you will find a detailed prostate massage guide, what a prostate massage is, how it works / stimulates and how to use it properly. For both beginners and professionals, we offer an extensive guide for the optimal massage so that even the advanced ones will surely discover one or two new ones.

The Prostate Massage: Detailed Guide

The prostate massage not only serves for erotic stimulation, but has also found a place in the medical world. This type of prostate stimulation is recognized worldwide. The massage is also known under the name prostate milking and is very popular for clinical purposes. Also for the sexual enjoyment is used and can lead to an unbelievable orgasm. Prostate massage does not always have to be manual! You can also help with prostate massage with toys. This can be more comfortable with one or the other and simplify matters.

Prostate Massage Instructions: The two most popular methods

The prostate massage is a sexual form of anal pleasure. In the rectum, most of the nerves in a body are in the body. This stimulation feels extremely good no matter what sexuality the person has. It’s not all about being alone – you can stimulate your prostate together with your partner or partner. Pegging would be a great option to do a prostate massage with your partner.

What methods and types of prostate massage are there?

Indirect / external prostate massage: This method does not require anal penetration. In this case, your prostate is stimulated from the outside. This method is perfect if you or your partners are not keen on direct anal introduction. The difference here is that you need to apply a bit more pressure with the Indirect Massage. Nevertheless, the orgasm can have the same effect or the same feeling. How do you reach them without invading? The areas between the testicles and anus of the man also called as “dam” can be perfectly stimulated by moderate pressure or by massaging. It is said that this practice will extend and improve even the male orgasm.

Prostate massages – Figure: Stimulation of the prostate

In the BDSM scene the Indirect Prostate Massage is often used, in order to get a lot of seminal fluid – without which the actual orgasm comes from better known as milking prostate.

Direct prostate massage: In direct prostate massage is not introduced from the outside, but directly “something” in the anus. You can do that with your index or middle finger or with a dildo. During insertion, your gland is penetrated directly. If the man or partner is aroused, finding the gland should be quite easy. By bending your fingers in the direction of the belly, you can feel your body inside (about 6-7 cm) gently grope.

Library Sex: Pros and Cons of Getting It On

So… sex in the public library. Many of you likely had no idea that even happened outside of fiction. But it does! And [spoiler alert] it’s usually not hot at all, at least to outsiders! 

During my five years as a librarian, I never interrupted a couple inspired by the 613.9 section of our stacks. I witnessed passionate kissing and ill-advised groping, certainly, but nothing that required contraception, a roll of paper towels, or even a wet wipe.

My coworkers told me stories, though. Oh, so many horrifying stories.

I imagine coming across patrons having sex in the library is much like visiting a nudist colony: Generally, the people you’d most like to see under those circumstances are not those you’ll actually encounter.

As far as librarians themselves having sex at work, I’d guess that happens infrequently. Still, the fantasy remains. We envision a prim-looking librarian removing her horn-rimmed glasses, unwinding her prim bun, unbuttoning her sensible cardigan, and bending over the circulation desk. And even though many librarians don’t fit that stereotype—either because they’re male or not especially demure—the reality doesn’t seem to diminish the fantasy.

So the question is, should I cater to reality or the fantasy of library sex?

In the end, I compromised: My librarian heroes and heroines may make love in the stacks, but they’re not especially prim to start with. And unlike the real-life intercourse seen by my former coworkers, the sex in my stories is HOT.

As a result, some of you may read my books and find yourself eyeing your local library in a whole new way. If so, factors to consider before donning your trench coat and heading for the stacks:

Pros of Library Sex:

  1. If you get stuck for ideas, you can wander toward 613.9 (in nonfiction) or your favorite spicy romances (in fiction). You’re literally surrounded by erotic inspiration!
  1. Circulation desks really are a good height for bending-over-related shenanigans.
  1. Literacy is a turn-on!

Cons of Library Sex:

  1. I’ve seen what patrons do to soft library surfaces. My advice: If those surfaces can’t be completely disinfected, do NOT set your naked ass or other sensitive body parts upon them. Ever. Or else those parts might fall off from some rare disease.
  1. You’ll probably get caught and stopped. Many libraries have security cameras, and librarians pay close attention to amorous-looking couples. Either for their own entertainment or because it’s like watching a train wreck.
  1. And the most important con of all: If you’re interrupted in flagrante delicto, you may literally become a con.


Honestly, the reality of sex in your public library probably isn’t that enjoyable. But if the fantasy appeals to you, there are plenty of books—including mine—eager to explore the possibilities. Just slip off those bifocals, take down your bun, unbutton your sensible blouse, and enjoy!

Tips for Having Sex in the Library

If you are trying to spice up your sex life on your college campus, look no further. Tired of having too much privacy? Is your bed too comfortable? Do social contracts feel oppressive? Nadia Cho of Berkeley has the answer. Library sex: because studying is fun. Nadia explains the ins and outs of reference section nookie, and spills all the secrets on how you can too.

Tip 1: Call up a friend do the deed with! You can either let him know upfront you’re going to be desecrating an academic environment together, or you can spring it on him while you’re casually studying together for Shakespeare.

Tip 2: Don’t “finish.” You are not going to want to explain how you damaged valuable artifacts with certain fluids.

Tip 3: Pick a section with books people aren’t going to look up. Luck for you, students would never go to the library to work on a research project.

Tip 4: Actually, on second thought, get busy in the Religion section. Sets the mood right.

Tip 5: Move bookshelves to surround you and your partner. It’s like a bedroom, minus the legality!

Tip 6: Be quiet! You only want a moderate level of pleasure here.

Tip 7: If you hear someone coming, quickly dress and pretend to be looking around the stacks for books. You might actually find something valuable to your future.

Tip 8: If you really want to let loose, reserve one of the classrooms. A professor who needs to use it will be out of luck and you get to reenact your fantasies of hooking up while making shadow puppets in front of the projector.

Tip 9: Follow your dreams. You can’t get it on with your TA in order to ace your exam, so try living out your fantasy with the guy in your class who actually has the grade you want. Immersion learning, right?

Tip 10: If you make the sex worth the risk, it won’t matter if you get caught. You aren’t the first person to have sex on campus. And, you aren’t the first person to get kicked out of college or arrested!

Now, get to it, bookworms.

How to Have Sex In a College Library

A story you may have heard about a legendary alumnus of your fraternity, something you’ve seen in every article that looks something like “Top 10 places on campus to have SEX,” or maybe you and your ex-girlfriend planned on doing it but finals week snuck up on you and then she went to study abroad in Rome where she told Marco, Lorenzo, Antonio, and Bartolomeo that she was only “sort of seeing someone.” (Too soon?)

Forget about all that. This is your time to shine, bro. Many before you have signed their own names in the official Sex Bucket List Hall of Fame. It’s up to you to continue the legacy for your brothers, your friends, and—not your parents because they never had sex. That’s just gross.

But I digress. Being able to say that you’ve had sex in the library is more than just a really cool way to lose at never-have-I-ever, it’s like a rite of passage—worth more points than sex on a boat during formal, but not quite as many as Eifel Towering your TA with your best friend in the professor’s office.  Obviously if you take a girl to formal and you’re dressed up, you’re on a boat, the food’s good, wine’s better… the question isn’t does she want to—it’s where does she want to? (Answer: the roof. Duh.) On the other hand, how likely is it that you’ll be able to Eifel Tower your TA in the professor’s office? Exactly. That’s why you and your buddy have an apartment together.

So you’re probably wondering how anyone can expect you to pull off this stunt in the only quiet place on campus without getting caught. Because let’s face it, you’re a stud. You always have sex, and when you do, it’s unapologetically rough and loud and fucking awesome for both people involved. How can you expect her to be able to contain herself? She is, after all, only human…

Answer: you have a buddy turn all the lights out. People in the library will think the power went out, get freaked out, and then chaos ensues. It’s like an airplane crashing. You know you’re going to die, so you make the best of it by fucking the shit out of whoever’s sitting next to you. This is why you always sit next to a hot chick. You never know when an airplane is going to crash. Or when the power in the library’s about to go out. Or when your TA wants to fuck you and your buddy in the library just for the hell of it.

But I digress, you’re probably wondering how, once you’ve completed your mission, you’ll be able to reach the extraction point. Especially since the hot girl thinks that you’re both going to die anyway and her boyfriend will never find out about this because you’ll be buried beneath a mountain of books that nobody reads. In fact, even if you bring your girlfriend, this can still be tricky, because she probably wants to cuddle. Wouldn’t it be great if there was like a helicopter on the roof waiting to take you to all your bros so you can tell them what happened? Well, my friends, maybe there is. Maybe there is.

And if there isn’t, you can just walk out the front door like nothing ever happened. Duh.


When you’re a high school student, your dreams of college are full of debauchery, alcohol, and doing it. Girls fantasize about the plethora of hot older college dudes at their disposal, while guys fantasize about college girls who are ready to experiment.

In reality, college is a lot less hot than you would imagine. When banging does occur, it’s fueled by plastic bottles of vodka and followed by morning after pills and confusion. Girls are going to class in sweat pants rather than mini skirts, and more dudes have beer bellies than six packs.

But, if you’re going to go for the quintessential college experience, you’ve got to get laid in the library. As a senior graduating in a couple of months, I figured it was time to say goodbye to the library, which I went to all of ten times, by getting penetrated in it. Although I’m no stranger to doing it in semi-public educational places, it was actually much easier than I expected.

Schedules Matter

I said that doing it in the library was easy, but that’s because my boyfriend and I specifically chose to get freaky in the library during the first week of the semester. If you go during midterms or finals week, you might end up doing it on top of that nerdy kid in your Chem class. When we went to the library, there were only about 10 people maximum on each floor, and it was very doubtful that anybody reserved rooms the first week of the term. Because of that, we easily slipped into a private study room towards the back corner of the basement that was partially hidden by shelves.

That being said, there was a decent amount of planning that went into this. We didn’t just waltz by the library one day and decide it was as good a time as ever to f*ck among the bookshelves. We’d been wanting to bang in the library for a while, but we knew we had to wait until the beginning of a semester where the library would be the least crowded. We also chose to go to the library slightly later in the evening (around 6 p.m.) where we hoped there wouldn’t be any new classes doing that whole “introduction to the library” type of bs. Lastly, I made sure that I was wearing an outfit that was easy to slip on and off.

Forego The Foreplay

Just because there weren’t a lot of people in the library when we had our little rendezvous doesn’t mean that we weren’t nervous. I mean damn, what if I didn’t get my degree because I got caught fornicating on a limited edition of Hamlet? That would be a bummer. Instead of leisurely taking our time having passionate kisses and oral on a shitty fake-wooden table, we got right down to penetration. I recommend getting yourself going by looking at some porn or erotic fiction, whatever you’re into, while in the library before you start taking your clothes off.

Don’t Get Anything On The Books

Remember when Ludacris sang, “we can do it in the library on top of books, but you can’t get too loud”? I think he was referring to someone who actually had their own library, because I’m pretty sure in any public or university library, someone is going to find you getting railed on top of the encyclopedias and you’ll probably have to pay some sort of fine for having your bare ass on top of classic works of literature.

Instead, utilize the more private areas in your campus library. You could go to the bathroom for extra privacy, but that kind of defeats the whole library feel of things. I would say that the way to go is to find an unreserved study room to do your dirty deed in, because actually getting it on between the shelves seems like you’re just waiting for some old librarian or confused freshman to walk by and take a video for his Snapchat story.

Shh… The F Up

Obviously, you’re going to have to be quiet while you’re in the library. No moaning of your boo’s name or screaming “f*ck me harder.” But also, you don’t need to run around campus bragging to everybody about how you had an orgasm in the library. Definitely, definitely don’t write an article about your experiences and publish it for the world to see. Just because your college seems to be run by a bunch of old white dudes doesn’t mean that they’re not hip to social media or gossip and that they won’t find out about the condom that you left the trashcan next to the Art History section. The only thing worse than getting caught by your university whilst in the act would be to get an angry email two weeks later asking you to meet with the Dean.

Enjoy Threesome with your partner and the Right size Dildo


Sexual pleasure has no limits, not even physical, and it is true that the world of erotic toys offers a lot of possibilities. And the strap-on is, without a doubt, one of the most popular accessories for both homosexual and heterosexual antics. The wide range of product choices of this type makes it possible to satisfy all the tastes and also to stop some small problems like the size of the penis or the erection disorders. If you want to learn more about how to insert a dildo here are the keys to reveal.

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Steps to follow:

This sex toy is quite simple: it is a penis-shaped dildo like the ones you usually see, provided with an adjustable built-in harness that allows placing it around the waist and the genital area to be used for penetration

The strap-on is often associated with lesbian games, because it is widely used by the latter who find the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of penetration, both active and passive. But this is not the only possibility that this accessory offers: in erotic shops, we find harnesses with hollow dildos for the man to introduce his penis, which can be used to increase the size of the phallus a few cm or to overcome erectile dysfunction boys who still want to give pleasure to their partners.

Moreover, the strap-on, name under which it is known in English, is the best accessory for heterosexual couples curious to experiment pegging, a very fashionable sexual practice and which can be pleasant if the two partners wish to try it.

When choosing and using a strap-on dildo, there are several details that you will need to consider. The first of these concerns the type of harness : you will find two straps, one that is around the waist and the other that passes through the crotch, or with three straps, one that goes around the waist and two others around each thigh, a version offering better control over the dildo and a better comfort.

How to use a strap-on dildo

You can find another version, which is not strictly speaking a “harness” but is sold as such. This looks like an undergarment with built-in dildo, and for some people this version may be more comfortable than those with straps. There are also versions that allow using different sized dildos for anal or vaginal sex.

You will then need to choose the dildo you want to use, and most of them can pull out of the harness and be used independently. In erotic shops, you can find several sizes, with appearances more or less realistic, vibrating or not. The choice will depend on the taste of the protagonists.

The dildo must be of a soft material to ensure more pleasant penetrations, and the most recommended ones are silicone or jelly. If you opt for a vibrating model, make sure it has different levels of intensity, so you can go crescendo, increasing the intensity according to your desires.

Hygiene is a fundamental point, and you will need to wash the dildo before and after use with neutral pH water and soap. If it contains batteries, remember to remove them so that they last longer. In addition, most of these toys are not water resistant, and should be left out for games in the bath, shower or pool.

For more fun, we recommend using an intimate water-based lubricant, and those that are edible can be an excellent choice for oral sex. In the case of anal penetrations, it is important to use these products to increase pleasure, because the anus does not lubricate by itself.

There are versions of dildo-type dildos to put the penis and also more sophisticated and adapted to lesbian games or pegging , which vibrate, with a vaginal dildo that allows both the person who enters that to that which is penetrated to experience maximum pleasure

It can happen that many realizations become monotonous, many couples begin to feel the boredom invade their married life since it lacks innovation on the sex side. It is necessary to find solutions, it is precisely via this deduction that we will present you for this 5 tips while giving special importance to a device that will spice up your sex life which is none other than the strap-on. The life of a couple often loses its importance when the sex life is reached and when the latter is not well managed, if we really want to help, our first advice is then to solve the problem by the root on this same plane as follows:

Use the strap-on

What do you think of a size accessory to stimulate more your sexual antics? Using sex toys could give you more pleasure in bed, hands and language are effective yes, but it is a hot pepper we really need! For that, why not use the strap- on dildo that will allow many things like changing for once the role of the one who inserts. For a straight couple, it is used by women to insert the dildo in the buttocks of the man so that he can also feel the pleasure of a deep hot and erotic pressure. For couples composed of women only, then it is the lack that had to be, feel that each in turn will insert a penis strong, robust and tireless is perfection.

Grab any free moment to make love

It is often said that having children makes us give up many things such as morning grace, couples outings, our money, but most of all, we often say goodbye to making love, at least more passionately and frequently than before. Now, it is hardly remembered that this is part of the life of a couple and the frequency drops to one, twice every two weeks. But why wait so long? Dare to forbid and do it on every occasion because the more it is forbidden, the more exciting it is. If your habit before was romantic in bed for hours at night , know that the passion of the life of a couple can recover with little extra moments when you have a quarter of an hour likely to be free, at living room, in the kitchen, in the garden, as long as we do not see you, why not? Enjoy as much as you can.