Finding the G-Spot with Prostate Massage

Come once, come twice, and come three times: this is only for women? No because thanks to prostate massage, men can also have multiple orgasms. With which handles you can milk the prostate of your loved one and thus bring him to the brain.

Multiple orgasms are only for women? Not even close! With a hot prostate massage for beginners, you can catapult your partner into unimagined pleasure heights. Bet that he will be eternally grateful to you?

Orgasm and plastic bottle: This is how you can practice the prostate massage

What does a plastic bottle have to do with the male G-spot? Much more than you might think! For just as far as the notch of the bottle is removed from the opening, so far in men, the prostate is removed from the anus. So if you want to spare your lover the hardships of practicing, then just try a plastic bottle. In this way, the prostate massage is perfect for beginners!

First put your finger in the bottle opening and bend it slightly. Remember that the “real anus” is much narrower and more sensitive than the relatively large inlet of a bottle. Carefully move on and try – without looking. The prostate massage from the outside: completely without fingers in the butt to feel the small groove of the plastic bottle. Massage this spot gently.

Now it’s time to get started!

So, and now put an end to the dry exercises: Before you however hand on your sweetheart, you should first check with him if he is even open for a prostate massage and want to try this technique. In any case, if he is not averse, cut your fingernails short. With this preparation you prevent injuries in the intestine.

Brittle nails? Stop it! So nails get nice again.

Naturally well-kept nails are the most beautiful accessory of winter – no frills. But unfortunately, the cold season is very much our nails. But what can you do if the nails are fragile and splinter? With a prostate massage, you can first gently massage his anus. As a result, your partner gets used to the touch. Then use a lubrication gel to penetrate your lover’s anus more easily.

You should carefully slide your finger into the rectum for five to seven centimeters. Then you go in search of the prostate. This is a walnut-sized gland that is located towards the dam and you as a slight bulge feel. Once you have found them, massage them with light pressure.

How much pressure is too much pressure?

To find out how much pressure is needed, massage the area behind your ear. What pressure do you hardly feel? How much pressure is uncomfortable? As firm as it feels to this region, so firm should be the pressure on a prostate massage for beginners.

What does “milk prostate” mean?

A special form of prostate massage is milking the prostate. Namely, the prostate produces a secretion that is secreted during the ejaculation with the sperm when prostate milking is exactly this secretion massaged out without the sperm. This can occur depending on the duration and intensity of the prostate massage. The secretion then runs out of the penis. Incidentally, prostate milking is a common sex practice in the BDSM scene.

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Every man dreams of these sex practices

However, if you are a beginner and you would like to get started on the prostate massage – in the truest sense of the word – then you should first try it out with an indirect prostate massage and learn about benefits of prostate massage.

You do not have to put your finger in the anus of your partner. Instead, just massage the hairless area between the anus and the testicles. With the other hand, you can simultaneously stimulate the testicles or penis and give your loved one such an incomparable orgasm.

Prostate Massage Instructions: It is a big rumor that only women have a G-spot or can get a full body peak. The male world is also capable of experiencing an “explosion-like” orgasm. How can the stronger sex achieve such an orgasm? – With the so-called prostate massage.

Here you will find a detailed prostate massage guide, what a prostate massage is, how it works / stimulates and how to use it properly. For both beginners and professionals, we offer an extensive guide for the optimal massage so that even the advanced ones will surely discover one or two new ones.

The Prostate Massage: Detailed Guide

The prostate massage not only serves for erotic stimulation, but has also found a place in the medical world. This type of prostate stimulation is recognized worldwide. The massage is also known under the name prostate milking and is very popular for clinical purposes. Also for the sexual enjoyment is used and can lead to an unbelievable orgasm. Prostate massage does not always have to be manual! You can also help with prostate massage with toys. This can be more comfortable with one or the other and simplify matters.

Prostate Massage Instructions: The two most popular methods

The prostate massage is a sexual form of anal pleasure. In the rectum, most of the nerves in a body are in the body. This stimulation feels extremely good no matter what sexuality the person has. It’s not all about being alone – you can stimulate your prostate together with your partner or partner. Pegging would be a great option to do a prostate massage with your partner.

What methods and types of prostate massage are there?

Indirect / external prostate massage: This method does not require anal penetration. In this case, your prostate is stimulated from the outside. This method is perfect if you or your partners are not keen on direct anal introduction. The difference here is that you need to apply a bit more pressure with the Indirect Massage. Nevertheless, the orgasm can have the same effect or the same feeling. How do you reach them without invading? The areas between the testicles and anus of the man also called as “dam” can be perfectly stimulated by moderate pressure or by massaging. It is said that this practice will extend and improve even the male orgasm.

Prostate massages – Figure: Stimulation of the prostate

In the BDSM scene the Indirect Prostate Massage is often used, in order to get a lot of seminal fluid – without which the actual orgasm comes from better known as milking prostate.

Direct prostate massage: In direct prostate massage is not introduced from the outside, but directly “something” in the anus. You can do that with your index or middle finger or with a dildo. During insertion, your gland is penetrated directly. If the man or partner is aroused, finding the gland should be quite easy. By bending your fingers in the direction of the belly, you can feel your body inside (about 6-7 cm) gently grope.