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fingering many people think it’s just
about inserting one or more fingers into
the vagina but there is much more to it
this video will show you the best ways
to please your wife girlfriend flirt or
maybe even yourself before we show you
the technique we would like to give you
two great tips don’t start by fully
inserting your fingers always spend time
with foreplay
make sure the vagina is sufficiently wet
this will give her more pleasure this
can be done through her own vaginal
lubrication or by using a lubricant or
saliva most women achieve an orgasm by
stimulating the clitoris not by
penetration the clitoris is the small
pink button like structure between the
inner lips it is protected by the
clitoral hood the small skin fold just
above it small movement is more
successful at this super sensitive spot
than brutal rubbing some fingering
techniques to get started are gently
stroke with your index and middle finger
along the clitoris use your middle
finger to draw small circles on the
inner lips and stop just underneath the
clitoris if this excites ER you can just
about touch the clitoris a couple of
times or gently draw circles on top of
the clitoris slowly increasing the
pressure if she likes it or tick ten
times gently on the clitoris or gently
pull the clitoral hood a few times
starting from the clitoris you can
visualize a clock from 12:00 a.m. to
12:00 p.m. at 12 o’clock you will find
the clitoris and at 6 o’clock the
vaginal opening explore every hour and
find out where she enjoys being touched
or move your finger around the clock
from the clitoris to the vaginal opening
and back place your thumb and index
finger along the sides of the clitoris
roll the clitoris gently but
when your fingers start slowly and
increase the speed until you reach the
speed that is most pleasurable for her
unlike men who often like it fast and
hard when masturbating women prefer to
be fingered gently and slowly once you
notice that she is getting excited
you can move towards the vaginal opening
if you stand in front of her and place
your hand on her vagina you can slip one
or more fingers inside her most women
prefer it if you keep your fingers
straight in the vagina
rather than stirring around let your
fingers slip in and out of the vagina
while still stimulating the clitoris in
a way she enjoys with your thumb with
the same finger that you slipped inside
her vagina or maybe even with your
tongue the door to achieve an orgasm can
be opened using several methods just by
using one or two fingers or by using the
whole hand whatever you and your lover
like it’s your party just try a few
techniques and ask her what she likes
are you eager to learn and want to
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