Outdoor Fun: Taking Sex to Public Places

We should all take our lives seriously and cross off the things from our bucket lists when we can because we only live once! A little danger of getting caught, excitement, the sounds of nature, stepping outside of your comfort zone, boning in the wild… Does this all sound like something you would want to do on your next adventure with your partner? We sure hope so!


BBQ, wine, a romantic screen movie in your backyard? Either forget about it and take your partner on a crazy adventure by combining all that with crazy sex outdoors under the stars! No half-assing it! 


How does that sound to you? Your property, your rules. Of course, you must stay within legal limits. That means that you need to protect your naked bodies from strangers and neighbors that might spot your naughty naked bodies.


There are plenty of ways and poses to explore if you have an outdoor kink. Some of the most common poses are standing behind a tree, floating in a pool, doing it in a treehouse — or you can try hammock sex.

Dressing Rooms in Malls

Have you ever heard noises filled with excitement and relaxation coming straight from one of the dressing rooms? Have you ever heard or read a story of someone trying this kind of outdoor sex? Are you one of those people, or are you curious to try?


Whether this shocks you or tickles your imagination, remember that many people have it on their bucket list. The most exciting thing about outdoor sex, especially in the dressing room in a mall, is the risk of getting caught.


You know nobody can come in while you’re there, and you can do whatever you want. People are walking by you, talking, flirting, sharing experiences, and you’re in heaven.


The next time your girlfriend tries on that silky dress, don’t let her run away from you. Plenty of people pleasure themselves inside the dressing rooms. Go ahead, think outside of the box. Think inside the dressing room in a mall. 


Oh, beach sex is every teenager’s dream! Your girl in a bikini with a bottle of cold wine and two glasses in her hands. Wow! Now we’re talking about a spicy movie!


If the two of you go to the beach when the weather is nice, at night, your sex session can feel like a dream. Nest your bodies on the wet sand, listen to the sound of calm waves, let the moon do its magic.


Lead yourself to the spontaneous, romantic, and magical sex experience. Ok, the spontaneous part might not be exactly as in the movies. There are things you have to pack and think of in real life.


For example, don’t forget to bring a sand-proof blanket (or any blanket that’s big enough). Be sure that sex on that particular beach is legal. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight too.


A towel is yet another thing couples who have already been on this adventure suggest you pack. Cover yourself with it and enjoy slow foreplay. Seaside spoon and the oyster shell are the most popular beach sex poses, so consider trying them out.


According to other people’s experiences, don’t forget to take good care of your genitals and privacy. Don’t let the sand come inside, and cover up if you notice someone walking your way.

Hiking Trips

A hiking trip is an opportunity for the perfect outdoor sex destination for adventurous couples. The wildly free idea of embracing yourself and exploring each other’s bodies in nature while making love sounds dreamy, almost movie-like.


Hey, brave adventurers. There are ways to live up to your fantasy without feeling guilty or weird. Even if the idea of being caught by others is a huge turn-on for you, stay discrete. Nobody can know, especially the young children from the hiking group.


Like we already mentioned, having sex in public is illegal, so run far away from the group if you want to avoid unpleasant consequences.


If you don’t like the idea of leaning into a tree, then bring a blanket with you. Don’t rush into a sex adventure. Remember to stay safe as well. Keep your protection, map, clothes, food, and water close to you, and keep an eye on the weather.


Once you are sure that all is set for the two of you, release your wild side. Embrace the wilderness, explore the hidden territories, be brave. Sex is all about fun, so give yourself a break from reality.


People hear it, people do it, people hate it, and people like it. Planet Earth has this privilege to have all kinds of people decorate it by their existence daily.


Outdoor kink in nightclubs? It’s real, and it happens a lot. So, if you’re one of the people interested in doing it, keep reading for information straight from the ones who have previously done this.


Needless to say, one-night stands happen a lot. Where do you pick your one-night-stand partner? The nightclubs, of course.


However, this guide is not only for single people in search of partners and sex. Next time you go out with your partner, head straight to the toilet in a nightclub.


That’s a perfect place to hide and enjoy the excitement of people actually coming in and out while you’re going down on your lover. 


Everyone who has tried it agrees that it is so much fun and the orgasms are the best! 


What is your biggest turn-on when it comes to outdoor sex? Do you have an outdoor kink? If you do, then you must put some of these places on your list!


Let’s go back to our roots. Let’s be like our ancestors. Let the wilderness overwhelm us, be it the forest or the comfort zone of our yard.


Forest nooky can become the best place for your next adventure. If you enjoy hearing the creepy sounds of the unknown, then you must try it. However, be aware of the wild animals and bring everything you need to stay protected.


Once you educate yourself on what you can do to stay protected from wild animals, you’re free to let your wild side go. Enjoy it loud because there are no thin walls over which someone can hear you!


If you’re more of a romantic type, snuggle under the blanket and enjoy the moon, the stars, the sounds. It’s almost magical, it’s wild, and it’s sexy.


Camping in the wilderness is another romantic adventure many people have tried and loved. Do it in a tent, by the lake, by the fire, on a blanket on the grass — wilderness can be magical when we explore (ahem, “explore”) it with someone we like.


Some people have even had sex in the comfort of their car seats parked in the wild forest. A car seat might not be the coziest spot for naked adventures, but it sure is safe!


Go as far as your morals, courageousness, and preferences allow, and always have fun!