Tips on How to Give Your Partner a Prostate Orgasm

No, prostatic orgasm is not a myth! Discover 5 tips to stimulate your partner’s P-point and give him intense pleasure. In men, the point P (for “prostate”) is the equivalent of the G-spot in women. The stimulation of this small hypersensitive erogenous zone provokes an intense pleasure and a different orgasm! Some tips from beginners guide to prostate massage to give a prostatic orgasm to your partner every time or almost.

  1. Be gentle

Delicacy is really “the” golden rule of a successful prostate massage. If you do this with your fingers, remember to cut your nails very short before you start – remove your jewelry too and wash your hands thoroughly. If you use a sex toy instead, do not skimp on the lubricant and take your time.

  1. Stay tuned to your partner

Your partner grimaces with each gesture? He seems tense, uncomfortable? Stop: stop everything, the pleasure is not at the rendezvous. During a prostate massage, do not hesitate to ask your partner if he appreciates your movements and stay tuned for his non-verbal language.

  1. Equip yourself

Some male sex toys are specially designed for anal use: we think in particular plugs and prostate stimulators. These accessories intensify the pleasure and cause prostatic orgasms – almost – every time.

  1. Vary the pleasures

It is well known: the occasional pleasures are the most intense. So book the prostate massage on special occasions and, on a daily basis, cultivate your classics: oral sex, cunnilingus, Kama sutra, erotic games.

  1. Think about comfort

Impossible to know the orgasm when one has aches everywhere. To get the most out of prostate massage, your partner must adopt a con-for-table position. Lying on his back, he can raise his knees on his chest – otherwise he can get on all fours. Also think about the lighting (dimmed, preferably) and the musical atmosphere a sensual playlist is ideal.

More than a zone of pleasure a little mysterious, this point P is a gland the size of a small chestnut or a big hazelnut and that is called: prostate. Its serious and primary function is to secrete a part of the seminal fluid present in the sperm that helps the spermatozoa reach their target, including protecting them from the killer acidity of female intimacy.

Stimulation of the prostate is also the cause of exceptional and unique ecstasies, provided to apply carefully to awaken the pleasures of this small tender and fragile ball as we will see.

There is no point in running; you have to find the point: where is this prostate?

Geographic location

The prostate is located under the bladder and is crossed by the urethra, which extends from the bladder to the end of the penis and serves to evacuate urine and sperm. It is also lined by the rectum, which explains that it is the small wonderful tunnel that leads to this point P.

Anatomical report

In fact, one third of the penis is located inside the body of these gentlemen. But the only way to access this submerged part of sex at the base of which the apotheosis waits is the anal way.

How to find it?

Bridging the distance you cannot go four ways, there is only one? To reach it, you will have to travel the distance of 7 cm through the rectum from the anus and you have for that two options: a finger major or index or a prostatic massager as mentioned below, it is imperative to use a suitable massager with a safety ring. Read this article to know the basics!

A bare hand

If you opt for digital exploration, after your 7 cm walk along the rectum, you should feel, against the upper wall, that is to say turned towards the bladder, a small fluffy bump whose texture is not unlike a foam ball. The mass should be invaded by a pleasant sensation that will put on the track. Moreover, the prostate will tend to swell under your gentle attacks repeated.

With an accessory

If you opt for exploration with accessory, the advantage is that you will not have to search; your masseur will go for you without detour. Forget about any attempt at speleological using various fruits and vegetables. You risk a lot of things, but probably not ecstasy. The steps to follow for gentle stimulation as part of a finger massage

The importance of digital hygiene

The massage partner must have the nails cut: the walls of the rectum are fragile and sensitive!

He must also have his hands perfectly clean. Wash them well before any introduction.

The pee break

The caressing finger rubbing along the bladder, the prostate massage can give the urge to urinate. To counter this eventuality, it is better that your partner does a little pee before enjoying his massage session.

Find the right position

Whether you are on a solo or a couple quest, it is important to be in a comfortable position and easy access to the prostate. Lying on your back, knees slightly bent, is the best position. You can add a pillow placed under your pelvis for even more comfort.

Warm upstream

It is necessary that the person is sexually excited to be perfectly relaxed. Relaxation and trust are the keys to effective stimulation. Start with caresses around the anus and perineum. Stimulation of the prostate can also be accompanied by pleasant care provided to the penis such as masturbation or oral sex, for even more pleasure.

Must it slip?

To ensure a smooth crossing, a little lubricant adapted to the chosen index will facilitate the success of the operation.

Sweetness and patience

The area is sensitive and delicate, even once Mr. warm as embers and ready to fight, it is essential to go very quietly to let it acclimate to this new sensation. Precipitation could lead to stress and stiffness, thus disrupting this ascent that is worthwhile.

The movement of “come here”

After an ascension finesse of these 7 cm, and the discovery of this small bump on the upper wall of the rectum, it remains to gently caress. The technique is then to gently fold and unfold your forefinger, as if you were signaling someone to approach. Depending on the sensitivity of the person at the fingertip, it will gauge intensity: light touch with the caress more supported, but always with a lot of sweetness. The steps to follow for a gentle stimulation as part of a massage with accessory

The hygiene of the accessory

Just like for the finger, your massager must be perfectly clean. Use a non-alcoholic antibacterial cleanser to disinfect it. And even if it knows where to go and its texture is suitable, use water-based lubricant to easily access where it is needed and most importantly, never use a silicone-based lubricant with a silicone accessory! It would become sticky and decrepit.