Tips on How to Make Your Anal Orgasm Last Long

Sex toys are a great way to spice up your own sex life alone or with your partner. In addition to the classic vibrator for women, the anal plug is becoming increasingly popular. Big advantage of this toy is that it is suitable for both partners. Right, even men can use a butt plug and have a lot of fun with it. The plug is inserted into the anus and unfolds there its stimulating effect. If a woman carries the toy during intercourse, additional stimulation is achieved. But anal plugs are also more popular with men. Depending on the size and shape of the model, a targeted irritation of the prostate can be achieved. But how long can you keep a butt plug in? According to experienced users it can be in for 12 hours but it’s better to put it off after a complete session.

Which different models, shapes are there?

Anal toys are mostly made of medical grade silicone, which makes cleaning easier and ensures hygienic conditions. But there are also toys made of shatterproof glass or metal. These have a cooling effect and are very popular in the BDSM scene. A big difference between individual devices is the vibration function. Some models have been omitted; others have turn (usually steeples) on the possibility to produce vibrations.

There are different variants of butt plugs. Some have no other functions, while others have a vibrating function and are therefore additionally irritating. Also in terms of size, the sex toys vary enormously. Especially for beginners, small products are better suited. However, there are also fancier plugs for trained.

The application of the plug is always done in the same way. The sex toy is introduced and remains in place. If there is a vibration function, it can often be regulated. In addition, there are also anal plugs that can inflate and enlarge. Thus, the anal area can be stretched, which is often used in preparation for classic anal sex.

Which anal plug is best for me?

In the case of anal plug application, it is essential to find the right product. Especially beginners should choose a small model at the beginning and slowly approach the use. Also, it is important to introduce absolute relaxation before inserting the anal plug and using a lubricant. Otherwise it can lead to injuries in the anal area, which are of course undesirable.

When used with the partner, trust is the most important foundation. Under no circumstances should the device be introduced against resistance. The body relaxes itself if the desire to use the plug is present. The wide selection offers something for everyone, whether for beginners or trained. Also plug sets are a good choice. In addition to plugs and anal balls can be interesting and sex life exciting. If you want a bigger plug, it  is available at loveplugs.

How can the anal plug spice up the sex life?

There are many ways Butt plugs can spice up sex life. Experienced users often wear their plugs even in everyday life to generate additional stimulation. But even during intercourse it is nice when the plug is used. Both women and men benefit from using such a tool during transport. Of course, the anal plug can also be introduced in the sense of foreplay. Especially for women the thought of the first anal sex is often scary, but with a butt plug they can prepare themselves step by step.

Hygiene also belongs to the right anal plug application. But no steam baths or other disinfection measures have to be carried out. It is sufficient if anal plugs are cleaned with warm water and a mild soap. As an accessory to Butt plugs is almost every other toy. Important is a good lubricant, as well as a hygienic storage option should be available as an accessory. While using the plug classic vibrators can be used, so that the sensation can be further increased.

If you want to make your sex life more interesting and also feel like new experiences, you will not get past an anal plug sooner or later. Finally, anal plugs are optimally designed for anal arousal. It does not matter if you want to enjoy active satisfaction and intense orgasms alone or together with your partner.

The Anal Plug – perfect for your Sex Toys

Within sex toys, anal plugs are an ideal extension in your life especially if you have not been able to gain experience in anal sex. But then, of course, most people ask the question of how to use an anal plug at all?

Whether you are a man or a woman, if you want to use an anal plug you should definitely do it together with anal lubricant. This helps significantly when inserting the anal plug into the anus. The lubricant and the resulting moisture make it easier to insert the anal plug. Especially at the “first time”, this can be associated with mild pain. The anal lubricant, however, will reduce this.

But before engaging into this, you better read this Yahoo article first.

Let’s go!

As mentioned, you should first distribute your anus (anus), as well as the anal plug with appropriate lubricant well. To fully enjoy the intensity and orgasm with the anal plug, you need a comfortable position. This is of course different depending on the type. In the three most suitable positions we have listed here for you:

  • Lying on the back
  • On all fours
  • In the squat

Lying on the back

For this, it is best to put a pillow under your butt and spread your legs so that you can easily insert the anal plug

On all fours

A position that is also very popular with anal plugs. Simply kneel on all fours and introduce the anal plug completely relaxed.

In the squat

The third alternative would be squat. It does not matter if you do this on your feet or on your knees. The main thing for you is the position comfortable.

Other positions are allowed

Of course, you can use the anal plug in many more positions. Your ideas are almost unlimited. Try it out.

Now for the introduction

Experts recommend you to keep the butt plug on the base as well as on the shaft. Then you can easily attach the tip of the anal plug to the opening of your anus and slowly insert. Proceed step by step and do not plug in the plug immediately. As soon as you feel that the feeling is pleasant, you can push the butt plug in a bit further. But always listen to your feelings.

At the end, only the pedestal looks out. Incidentally, this one is there because you accidentally cannot push the anal plug completely into the anus. By rejuvenating shortly before the pedestal is there for the fact that the anal plug cannot fly out so easily.

Once the anal plug has been inserted you can now stimulate it. Of course you can also satisfy yourself in other places. Sexual intercourse is also possible. Just then you can also rub on the anal plug to get more intense stimulation. For example, you can pull out the anal plug again and then insert it repeatedly.

You can use an anal plug for several hours. However, it is helpful to remove the anal plug at least once an hour and cover it with lubricant again. This helps you for a pleasant exercise.