What are the Benefits of Using Anal Douche?

Want to know what is anal douche, what is it for? Then you are in the right place. When done with care, anal sex is healthy and very enjoyable. Surely, any natural source of pleasure is beneficial to your body. But some people may have feelings of fear, guilt or shame associated with anal sex. It depends on you if you want to explore your own feelings and decide whether anal sex pleases you or not. If you’re interested of it, you can buy an anal douche at loveplugs.co.

Benefits of anal masturbation

By stimulating the anus, you can achieve great pleasure because there are many sensitive nerve endings here. And as a bonus for women, stimulating the indirect anus will also stimulate the vagina. During orgasm, the anus muscle rhythmically contracting, so the use of an Anal Plug intensifies the sensation of contractions. Anal balls can also be used to achieve these sensations.

Painless penetration: Some people say they feel pain when they try anal penetration for the first time. This can happen for several reasons: nervousness and emotion or fear that the intestines are not completely released, tension caused by rush and lack of communication, insufficient lubrication, penetration at an inappropriate angle

For pleasure and maximum relaxation

If you plan on enjoying anal pleasure, you want to make sure you are clean and uninhibited. Sexologists reveal a secret from a known adult film actor: it uses laxative suppositories and a warm water enema.

Enema: There are various devices for enema in pharmacies. Most people think the warm-water clime is more comfortable than cold water. Sometimes checking the water temperature with your hand is not enough; best try water with your tongue because your hand temperature may vary greatly from the temperature inside the body.

The solution – it is best to use physiological saline that is available in pharmacies. Doctors can also recommend a soapy water solution as being also very healthy. Alternatively, you can use warm water with a spoon of olive oil or sunflower.

Before using the device in the anus, use a lubricant!

You can make the enema stand on top of the toilet or in different positions: placed on the left side with the knee close to the chest, with your knees close and your chest near the floor, standing on you can get more water than any other position but it’s more difficult hold the device, stand in the tub is a good position because you do not have to worry about any leaks.

Hold the liquid inside for a few moments, and then repeat the process until you feel you have completely cleaned. When you feel full, sit down and remove the liquid in the toilet.

Warning: Enema may give erotic feelings, but it does not make them too often because they can disrupt your ability to remove faecal matter naturally. Colon is an organ that absorbs substances very easily, so pay close attention to what fluids you use for the enema. Never put alcohol in the anus because it can cause death!

Proper penetration: Whether you use your finger, a dildo or a penis, does it slowly at first. Relax and concentrate on the signals that your body gives you. Let your sphincter take the rhythm.

How Does An Anal Plug Use?

During orgasm, the anus contracted naturally. Having an anal plug or plug inserted will increase your sensations. Butt-pins are available in different sizes. They usually have a bloom at one end to make sure they do not slip accidentally into the rectum. You can buy a multitude of sizes to experience.

Apply lubricant to your favorite butt plug. At this step, we assume you are relaxed and excited after following the steps above, and your anus is relaxed and lubricated too. If not, then apply lubricant first using your finger.

Introduce the butt-plug at the appropriate angle as in the figure below. The rectum is along the spine. If you look at the picture you will realize that the most suitable positions are doggy-style with arched back, or stand on the back.

The secret is to push!

To feel the greatest pleasure of anal stimulation is to push out the toy you introduce. By pushing, the sphincter relaxes and opens, so the object can easily come in and out. Impinge using your abdominal muscles as if pushing out the faeces. You have to feel relaxed and safe on yourself, it can take some time but after you touch the sensations you will not look back!

You may feel weird at first, but if you have completely cleansed, nothing will happen unanticipated. The feeling of release when pushing will intensify your 10 times pleasure during anal sex or masturbation.

Combined anal stimulation

Now stimulate your clitoris and push the anal butt plug for a unique sensation. Butt-pockets have an edge that allows them to remain inserted into the anus. There are many different ways to stimulate yourself or your partner in the popular region of the body, the anal area with relish.

Another Anal toy variant next to the butt plug and the anal chain is the anal vibrator and anal dildo. It is characterized by the fact that it is slightly thinner in diameter than its colleague for the vaginal area.

The inside of an anal vibrator hides a small electric motor with an imbalance disk, which vibrates the rod (vibrator) by its fast turning. Some work with batteries, others have battery power and can be charged via a supplied power cord or via a USB power outlet. Depending on the model, an anal vibrator (some call it internal dildo) vibrates more or less strongly in different levels, bringing your sensitive nerve endings on and in the anus to the highest pleasure sensations.

For beginners and nature lovers

For beginners are very good slim Anal vibrator, here is the diameter smaller, these can thus be introduced easily. Once collected as experience, the user can easily access to more powerful models, even with curvature. For nature lovers there is the anal vibrator and anal dildo made of wood. They are made of metal made of plastic, silicone, glass, granite or even with a rubber-like coating.

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Stimulate the prostate with the prostate vibrator

For men you get for prostate stimulation “from behind” specially shaped anal dildo and anal vibrator, these can stimulate the G-spot (prostate stimulation) of the man particularly intense (prostate vibrator). Most are waterproof and so you can pamper yourself with a relaxing bath with you. It gets really hot with an anal vibrator or anal dildo, which you can inflate at the same time.

For the woman there are so-called double vibrators or double vibrators which are introduced simultaneously vaginal and anal. All in all, you spoiled so an anal vibrator or anal dildo, whether man or woman, expresses intense. So you do not run dry with your anal vibrator or anal dildo.