What makes library sex the most underrated kink among fetishists?

We’re living in a day and age where sex is practically on every corner. From TV to billboards full of half-naked and provocatively posed models, it’s like that old saying — sex sells. But in a world so obsessed with carnal pleasures, kinks and fetishes are still taboo. Some more, some less, but either way — they’re not something we openly talk about.


Nevertheless, some fetishes are pretty far out, and most fetishists seem to underrate them. One such kink is sex in a library. A couple of years ago, a certain porn star, Kendra Sunderland, came to prominence by doing an amateur library porn scene. Ever since her encounter with the library webcam, she’s been one of the most popular stars of adult entertainment.


But is sex at the library really that good? Well, it can be, but there are so many obstacles that make it practically impossible to pull off. As such, allow us to explore some facts about library porn and how it doesn’t work in real life. We’ll discuss why you should rethink it and look into other places to have sex.

It’s a Public Space

One of the more popular fetishes, in general, is sex in public. In fact, it’s so common that we might as well consider it a normal practice. Lots of couples like to try it, be it in urban areas or in nature. Either way, it has a strong relationship with our current topic. Library fucking is considered public sex. Well, at least that’s how porn sites would categorize it.

Doing the deed inside a school library or a public library is a common trope in porn. Moreover, we bet you can find some of the most popular ladies in the adult industry like Mia Khalifa or Angela White in such scenes. So, what’s the problem? Why don’t more people shag in American libraries? Well, they fear being caught.


Namely, in the United States, public sex isn’t legal. It’s indecent, and a third party can press charges if they come across a couple doing it outside their four walls. Nevertheless, this is what makes library sex so attractive to some. The fear of being caught turns some folks on, making them go all out behind bookshelves.


Sex in Libraries Is Not Comfortable

Another reason why horny men and women don’t consider the library porn category inviting to replicate in real life is the lack of comfort. Since doing it in public isn’t legal, you have to keep an eye for spots that are out of sight. Such places are usually in corners or in shady closets that aren’t as friendly to spreading your legs and doing acrobatics. Not only is it easy to injure yourself, but it’s also tricky to pull your pants back up if someone comes close.


Sure, you can have sex on tables or chairs that libraries are full of. But the reality is that those are typically taken. And if not, people will come looking for them. So, just imagine you’re doing doggy with your lover, and some geek comes bursting in with his books and encyclopedias. Wouldn’t that be awkward? Yep! The dangers are real, and that’s why library porn is underrated by most kinksters. You can’t argue with that.

You Can’t Moan

Aside from the library not being the most comfortable place to enjoy poontang, it’s also as quiet as a church. And if you think about it, sex isn’t exactly the most silent activity you can come up with. Moreover, it’s as loud as your neighbor’s lawn mower on Sunday morning. That’s, of course, if you know what you’re doing. As such, it can be pretty hard to hide what the two of you are up to. At any moment, someone might hear you, and voilà — you’re caught.

For many men, the moans of their lover are what makes them lose it completely. It’s a sign that they are doing things right. But it’s not just men who enjoy it. Women are into knowing their hunks are having a good time. Males also moan with passion while they have sex or even masturbate. Therefore, even library masturbation can be too much to pull off. But hey! What about placing your palms on each other’s mouths? Well, it could work. Who knows?


Everyone’s at the Library

Before we recommend some other places to enjoy your love, we need to mention yet another con of library sex. This one is pretty obvious. Nevertheless, libraries are public places, as we’ve mentioned, and as such, they are full of people. Yep! If you didn’t notice by some miraculous chance, there’s always a crowd of people inside them. From students studying to employees, it’s busy like a beehive.


All this leads us to believe that actual sex in a library would mimic playing a stealth game on impossible difficulty. At any moment, someone can walk in on you. And if they do, you better pray it’s some poor student who won’t pull out their iPhone to film you. The reason is, of course, due to the legality of public sex. If it’s security that you come across while fucking, well, they’ll probably press charges.

Recommended Place to Have Sex

When it comes to public sex, there are a ton of places where you can take your genitals out for a walk. However, not all of them are that much better than the public library. The chances of being caught are pretty much the same in a theater, on public transport, or at the Ferris wheel. Yet, there still are some that offer a bit more security while still being in public.


  • On the hood of your car: If you live in a small town, you’re bound to have some cool spot from which you can enjoy a panoramic view. Well, why not go there in the evening and play out your teenage fantasy? Having sex on the hood of your car on a moonlit night is as sexy and romantic as anything you can come up with.


  • On a boat: Sure, having sex on a boat is nothing special if you have a personal cabin. However, we’re thinking of a rowboat. If there’s a lake near you, why not rent a rowboat and row far off where people can’t exactly see you? There, you can do all the naughty things you like while being safe, surrounded by only water.