Your Partner’s Role in Effective Butt Plug Use

The external sphincter of the anus is a ring structure consisting of striated muscles surrounding the anal canal. One of the two sphincters of the anus. It is arbitrary, that is, it can be controlled by consciousness. The internal sphincter of the anus, in contrast to the external, consists of smooth muscle tissue and is involuntary. The external sphincter of the anus has a length of 8 to 10 cm, and in its widest part, opposite the anus, is about 2.5 cm thick. The sphincter’s striated muscles are a continuation of the pubis-rectus muscle.

  • The muscular complex of the external sphincter of the anus is divided into three layers: the subcutaneous portion, which is an annular musculature; the surface part, which is an elliptical muscle attached to the tailbone; deep part closely related to pubic rectus muscle.
  • The muscle fibers of the external sphincter of the anus encircle the lower part of the internal sphincter of the anus. Although the sphincters are in contact with each other, there is a clearly defined border between them. You will need to know how to deal with stuck buttplug? What to do??

And actually what are we? The anus is generally one of the brightest and strongest erogenous zones of a woman, and with the right approach, the satisfaction with anal games can be many times higher than even from clitoral stimulation. Men in the same way will receive extraordinary pleasure and health benefits from anal sex. The muscles of the external and internal sphincter are very strong, it functions very simply, the rectal reflex leads to the compression of the muscles of the external sphincter of the anus. To reduce pain or discomfort during anal sex it is necessary:

  • To reduce the conscious compression of muscles so that the consciousness calms down and allows you to open the external sphincter (for calm and pleasant anal sex just do an enema)
  • To relax the rings of the internal sphincter, be sure to use a lubricant with a relaxing effect, which are sold in sex shops, sex shops.

How to do an enema?

You will need only 0.5 liters of warm boiled water. Tip enemas (special kits for intimate hygiene are sold in sex shops and sex shops) lubricate baby cream. Choose the most comfortable posture and slowly insert the tip to eight or ten centimeters. All – now you have no reason to worry that anal sex will be dirty and unpleasant.

Read the article about Enema Administration: Basics.

How to enter a member or toys in the anus?

“It is necessary to choose the correct position in which the penetration is the most painless: for example, it can be a pose on the left side, and the legs are tucked in to the tummy. Breathing also helps relieve soreness – breathe deeply with the tummy. Relaxation of the sphincter: shrunk – unclenched, with a frequency of several seconds. And, of course, more anal lubricant. Here are the basic principles of successful anal sex. “

Recommendations from the life: before you let a member of your partner into yourself, practice the muscles of the anus with anal toys. Let’s discuss the feelings that they will give:

Let’s start with the most common – anal plugs (plugs), there are a great many anal plugs, in a large assortment presented in sex shops and sex shops of Yaroslavl, as a rule, they are all divided into plugs with vibration and without it, with the effect of expansion, plugs come in different diameters and forms made of hypoallergenic materials, safe and even glamorous) Acquire traffic jams only in sex shops and sex shops of Yaroslavl, do not experiment with foreign objects!

  • Butt plug, like those you can find at LP, creates a feeling of fullness in the anus and has a certain effect on the sensitive areas, allowing you to achieve a more saturated orgasm. Both women and men can use anal plug.
  • Applying a plug to expand and relax the anus will help solve the problem of comfortable penetration during anal sex. It is also possible to use the anal plug to constrict the vagina, for example, in the case of muscle weakness in women after childbirth. Curved plugs provide high-quality prostate massage.
  • Options for using this sex toy are very diverse. Someone prefers to use the anal plug only during sex, someone walks with her around the house, and someone expands the range of sexual sensations, going out with a plug in the anus on the street.
  • If before this your anus did not have dating with sex toys, then it is better to start with a small traffic jam. For comfortable and painless penetration during the first anal practice, it is better to choose a product made of soft silicone or latex.

Before using the anal plug, you must maximally relax the anus. This can be done by a partner with the help of stroking and caressing the tongue. It is worth remembering about high-quality moisturizing, because the anus does not emit a natural lubricant. Therefore, the cork must be lubricated in sufficient quantities with a water-based lubricant. .

Introducing a cork should be smooth, neat and gradual, controlling sensations. It is necessary to avoid sudden movements and the introduction of the tube at once for the entire length. Butt plugs are not designed to make progressive movements, like a dildo. The toy is recommended to be placed in the anus and enjoy the feeling of completeness. If the butt plug is used to expand the anus before anal sex, then you needs to hold it for a while, get used to the feeling of having an object inside. It is also possible to use the anal plug with vaginal contact. Finding a stopper in the anus while simultaneously inserting the penis into the vagina will enhance sexual sensations.

Another not less popular

Anal balls

The ability to use anal chains and balls was considered one of the most important for priestesses of love in eastern countries. With the help of these amazing intimate toys, they brought their partners to indescribable delights, gave joy and opened new facets of sensuality. At the same time, they also received incredible pleasure from the use of these accessories, which immensely pleased their lovers. Today, every woman who wishes can learn this art.

Anal balls are specially created for very gentle and pleasant caresses of anus. They are first placed inside the body, and then carefully removed outside. The process does not require haste, very sensual and very exciting. Such affection is difficult to compare with the vaginal and the feeling they often surpass them.

Anal balls?

In part, this may seem crazy, but these special balls are designed just to feel the pleasant sensations that appear when your muscles shrink around a number of small round beads. This is especially nice during orgasm. If you have not tried this sex toy, do not waste time – you should definitely get to know the joys of anal games and diversify your sex life.

Picture Anal balls (chain) –A series of small round beads, which are evenly spaced along the cord. Some beads are the same in size, while others gradually increase in diameter. They can be of all colors and sizes, on a rigid or flexible coupling, so that everyone can choose a toy to their liking, in our sex shop. There are even anal balls with a built-in vibrator, which will further excite you from the inside.